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Registration Agreement

- If you have not made any posts since joining, you must login to your account at least once a week to be considered an active "watching" member. If you go on vacation or have a reason that you cannot login once a week, it is YOUR responsibility to let me know. I have no problem with anyone signing up just to read the forum, but you must login once a week to keep your account active.

- Your account will be deleted if you have zero posts and have not logged in for one month [30 days].

- Your account will be deleted [unless i'm given prior notice by you about a vacation or other reason  you cannot login] if you are a regular poster and have not signed in for 100 days.

- Any duplicate accounts are not permitted.

These rules help the forum run smoothly and keeps things less cramped.

Please also remember...

- Do not harass anyone in the community.
- Be civilized.
- Do not discuss Dylan's, Eric's, or other victims' sexual orientation, what their sex lives were like, etc. This is none of our business and is very disrespectful to the surviving families.
- Any violent threats against a person or place of business will be reported to the appropriate law agency. This is for our safety and yours.

Please know that I keep a log book of IP and email addresses. Although it is not fool-proof, I do several "background checks" on every single person who signs up for this forum. If I find out that you are a spammer or someone praising the tragedy, you will not be getting onto the forum. I am on this forum all of the time, I read every post, and I will quickly put an end to any abuse that comes to our forum members.

And last but not least, this forum will store a cookie onto your computer which will help to keep you logged in indefinitely if you wish.